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Each day, as a member of the ProgramBusiness community, you will receive the Daily NewsFlash, an e-news service that delivers to your inbox the top stories that affect the Property-Casualty, healthcare, financial services and related industries. We sift through all the “noise” to deliver top-of-mind relevant content in which you are interested.

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As part of the ProgramBusiness community, you will receive between 5 and 7 emails on a daily basis with vital information on new programs, markets, and services, providing you with the latest in product offerings and availability in different niches (specialty lines, hard-to-place risks) from our various Storefronts, which include: carriers, wholesalers, MGAs, MGUs, program administrations, and vendors. These emails are designed to keep you updated on existing markets as well as new programs that address changes in specific industries; facilitate your access to products you may be looking for that meet a client’s or prospect’s need; provide you with an immediate, direct on-line avenue for submissions, quote retrieval, etc., depending on the markets you’re searching; and keep you abreast of new services (products, technology) that will help you with your marketing efforts.