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Set up a virtual Storefront on, designed to help you advertise your programs, products, and insurance-related wares to the retail agent and broker universe. A Storefront comes complete with individual landing pages on specific products and services (up to 15), each optimized with keyword-rich phrases so that your programs and products rank high on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If, for example, an agent is looking for “insurance for vacant properties” in one of the search engines, the landing page on that specific market within your Storefront will come up along with a prominent built-in call-to-action feature for lead generation and conversion.

What’s more, you’ll get additional traffic to your specific markets and products with:

  • An exclusive interview and feature in Insurance Unplugged, our bi-weekly on-line newsletter.
  • Press releases included in the newsletter as well as in the Daily NewsFlash about new markets and products, expanded programs, etc.
  • Article and press release posts on ProgramBusiness’ Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter accounts, providing you with broader exposure throughout the insurance community.
  • An additional service for newsletter article optimization is available in Insurance Unplugged to further increase the ranking of your Storefront’s program landing pages.

There are three main Storefront levels available for carriers, wholesalers, MGAs/MGUs, program administrators, and vendors: National, Regional, and One State. There is also a Plus Package available that may be added to any Storefront level. To find out more about each level, just take a look at our Advertising Media Kit

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There are several issues you should consider when determining whether opening a Storefront on is right for you. They are:

  • Do your current marketing dollars and resources allow you to build a custom report of who’s reviewing, looking at and truly interested in your advertising?
  • Are you paying too much per lead from your current marketing program?
  • If you’re marketing program is in place for branding, can you measure and control the number of individuals at an agency that receives your message or ad?
  • Is your marketing and advertising reaching the appropriate demographics that match the kind of agencies in the states you need?
  • Have you invested thousands of dollars in a web site with no traffic or perhaps the wrong traffic?
  • Is your agency ready to take on the financial expenditure and time of being compliant with e-mail broadcasting to both current client and prospective ones?
  • Are your underwriters receiving unqualified business and getting bogged down with too many submissions that are in the wrong class of business and state?

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